February 14, 2011

Tunnel Trip #4 - Agnew to Pamplin

This was one of the more interesting trips we went on in the tunnels. It began as another Agnew run, as the last two were, but we were videotaping the whole thing (video below). When we reached the part where there are two small gates on the left near the floor (around the Pamplin area), we decided to crawl down into this area. You can (almost) see in the video how much of a pain this part of the trip was. We crawled through that small hole, then up and over this large pipe onto a descending slanted low area. It then merged into another tunnel which ended to the left but continued to the right. Crawling around some of these pipes all around us, we continued to the right. Here we saw a small vent out of which you could see the sidewalk between Pamplin and  Burruss - meaning that we were in the crawlspace of Pamplin! There were some paper plates and crumbs down there as if someone had been living there. There was no graffiti though (before us), so we believe we may have been one of the first groups of students to travel this part of the tunnel. The low ceilings were a pain in the ass (my back was so sore the next day), and we eventually got to one part where it would have been difficult to continue on, plus there did not look to be anything interesting in that direction.
As we headed back the way we came, we decided to try something new - come out at Pamplin. This is the grate that you'll see if you are standing right in front of Pamplin, its pretty out in the open, so it was definitely risky. If you listen in the video, when we first opened the grate to look out, there was someone walking nearby. We waited a bit, then made a mad dash out of there, dirty as hell from all the crawling we did. Here are some pictures, and the video of the trip will be below that.

January 3, 2011

Tunnel Trips #2 and #3 - Agnew

So it had been a few months since our trip down into Cassell, and after how unsatisfying that tunnel was, we decided to try a different entrance. After reading the descriptions on several websites, we decided to try the Agnew entrance. We had come back a day early from Winter break, so there weren't very many people on campus. Also it was cold, and the area around this entrance is mostly academic, so it was not hard to avoid being seen. We got down into this tunnel and were happy to see that it was lit up for what appeared to be a long way. We turned right at first, crossed the plank, and saw the locked gate and door to the basement of Agnew. We essentially just followed this tunnel towards the other side of the drill field, we saw the ladder leading down to the tunnel towards the Derring basement, went on and found the dead end around Cowgill. We headed back and came out at Agnew again. Nothing very exciting.
The second trip through Agnew was probably only a week or so later, and the only thing different was that we went down the ladder into the tunnel towards the Derring basement. It is hot as hell down there, and a little cramped. We found no way into any basements along this tunnel. We came back out of Agnew on this trip as well.

September 29, 2010

Tunnel Trip #1 - Cassell

So we first heard about the tunnels in the Fall/Winter of 2010, and after reading up on it for hours on the internet, we decided to go for it one night. We weren't exactly sure what to expect, we sort of just went for it. So, being the lazy kids we are, we wanted to go in at the closest entrance to us - Cassell Colliseum. So we walk down Washington Street, check to see if anyone's watching, and go back behind the large pine tree. We talked for a minute or two about the plan, checked out the grate, and were about to go down when a cop pulled into the nearby parking lot. We're pretty sure he was just doing some work there or radar-ing cars on the road, but he didn't leave until roughly 20 minutes later. We had just been sitting, hiding behind the tree while he was in the lot, and it was probably 12:30AM when we finally got the chance to go down. We got in, shut the gates, and our first tunnel experience began.
We couldn't find any decent flashlights, so we were relying on an app on my phone that uses the camera flash as a flashlight (this tunnel was unlit). We were immediately freaked out by how noisy the pipes in this section were, and since it was our first time down there we took our time looking around at all the graffiti and pipes along the tunnel. We got to the part where it connects to the tunnel that leads towards Miles, and we turned back here. It's sort of a tight turn at that point, and none of us felt like we were prepared to go down that part of the tunnel yet.
We head back the way we came, along the relatively short stretch of tunnel that we had been through. Getting out may have freaked us out worse than getting in. We sat for several minutes at the grate trying to listen for any people walking by, cars in the parking lot, etc. We finally made the move and got out of the tunnel, closed the grate, and casually walked out onto Washington Street. Our first tunneling experience had been short and rather uneventful, but successful nonetheless.